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Your signature saves the child!I want the Prime Minister to understand the feelings of many people through the signature campaign.

It is a mechanism that can be understood if it is detected by a machine!

I want the Prime Minister to understand the feelings of many people through the signature campaign.

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And I want to regain the smiles of many children

Make a recommendation to the Prime Minister
Inoue's idea of "a system that can detect child abuse with a device" should be implemented in the country.
I have a signature campaign. Please agree with the signature.
Your signature saves the child!

Please sign


Support the signature campaign!
"Proposal to the Prime Minister: Detecting child abuse with a device! There is a system that can do this. Please do this system under the initiative of the country. It is with your support that you can protect your child from abusive parents with a system that understands child abuse."

change org 児童虐待防止

I would like to make a proposal to the Prime Minister. Also, please contact us if you can manufacture the equipment. Let's make a suggestion together

Signing campaign posted on change.org


contact address
In Japanese please    https://00m.in/lx4XO

Biological reaction → physiological reaction. Correct

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